Bellybean - The most comfortable pregnancy pillow

Your comforting and cosy safeguard against sleep disturbance

Traditional side-sleeping support remedies of numerous conventional pillows and large body pillows create bulky sleep environments that require constant rearranging during the night and are likely to cause overheating, leading to restlessness and frustration. Bellybean’s distinctive, double-sided infinity shape stays in place during the night and doesn’t require repositioning if you need to roll over, so there’s minimal disruption to your sleep. The compact, discreet design of our maternity pillow eliminates overheating, further encouraging peaceful and undisturbed rest. 


  • distinctive, double-sided infinity shape stays in place and doesn’t require repositioning when rolling over in your sleep
  • removes the need for multiple conventional pillows or large body pillows which create an uncomfortably bulky sleep environment
  • compact, discreet maternity pillow design eliminates overheating, encouraging peaceful and undisturbed rest
  • minimises disruption to your sleep, so you can say goodnight to fatigue and frustration, and reclaim the joy and wonder of your pregnancy experience