Bellybean - The pregnancy pillow for partners

You’re embarking on a beautifully miraculous journey with your gorgeously pregnant partner. We want this to be the joyful, wondrous and exciting experience you both deserve. Yet you see her struggling with restless nights, distressing fatigue and painful aches, and your protective, supportive instincts have led you here.

Six questions to ask as your partner is getting towards their fourth month of pregnancy:

  1. Is your pregnant partner suffering from aches and pains, particularly in her back, hips or pelvis?
  2. Has she started side-sleeping and struggles to get comfortable?
  3. Does she wrestle with constantly repositioning pillows?
  4. Is she overheating from a bulky system of support pillows?
  5. Has your space in the bed been taken up by large body pillows?
  6. Does she struggle with overwhelming fatigue from restless nights?

Ten reasons she needs a Bellybean Maternity Pillow today!

  1. Relieves the strain of downward drag from her belly when side-sleeping, alleviating associated aches and pains.
  2. Eases discomfort and restores peaceful rest by safely and securely supporting her beautifully growing belly.
  3. Distinctive, double-sided infinity shape stays in place and doesn’t require repositioning when rolling over.
  4. Removes the need for multiple conventional pillows or large body pillows which create an uncomfortably bulky sleep environment - meaning you can stop sleeping on the couch or in the spare bedroom!
  5. Compact, discreet maternity pillow design eliminates overheating, encouraging peaceful and undisturbed rest.
  6. Securely supports side-sleeping which improves circulation to the placenta, improving nutrient flow.
  7. Rich, premium comfort, securely cradling your partner in the healthiest position for both mother and growing baby.
  8. Supports you both in enjoying this magical time together, encouraging you to restfully experience the journey of pregnancy.
  9. Deliciously soft and snuggly, crafted from ethically sourced and hypoallergenic materials.
  10. Versatile, durable and valuable - can be used during pregnancy and then as a cosy feeding pillow when baby arrives.

A Bellybean Maternity Pillow is a valuable necessity for any pregnant woman. It also makes a thoughtful and loving gift that will tenderly express your care for her needs and comfort, and reveal your desire for her to be the happiest, healthiest mum-to-be she can be.