About Us

Our Story

Starting as one couples’ desire to bring back comfort, restfulness and enjoyment to their pregnancy experience, the Bellybean Maternity Pillow was born out of empathy, care and compassion for all expectant mothers and their partners.

When Caroline Bannister, joint owner and founder, was advised by her doctor to sleep on her left side from the second trimester onwards, she eagerly complied, knowing this would be the best and safest position for her baby to benefit from improved circulation to the placenta and much needed nutrients. 

Sadly, due to the increasing strain from the downward drag on her growing belly, aching muscles and restless sleep soon followed. Trying to find comfort with a myriad of pillows only worsened the experience, causing distressing overheating and further restlessness from having to reposition everything whenever she needed to move. The joy and delight of pregnancy was soon overshadowed by Caroline’s intense discomfort and overwhelming fatigue.

Since its initial release in 2007, the Bellybean Maternity Pillow has been growing and improving in exciting ways, all for the exclusive benefit of mums-to-be. With this pregnancy pillow by your side, you can conquer those sleepless nights and fatiguing aches, and reclaim the joy and excitement of your wonderful pregnancy journey. 

Our Purpose

The Bellybean Maternity pillow was thoughtfully designed and lovingly created to safely and snugly support pregnant women in returning to restfulness and rejuvenation, so they can pour their heartfelt energy into the joy and wonder of pregnancy, and enjoy wonderful, sleep-filled nights in preparation for baby’s arrival.

The Bellybean Maternity Pillow exists to help women fully enjoy their pregnancy in the area of a good night’s sleep—something that’s definitely in short supply once Baby is born. Small and snug, the Bellybean Maternity Pillow packs a huge punch when it comes to a restful slumber.  

Our Mission

The Bellybean Maternity Pillow will continue to leverage its competitive edge—a truly relaxed sleep for every pregnant woman—by improving on the materials used in crafting our pregnancy pillows.

We use only the softest knit, the gentlest organic cotton, the safest clothing colours and the most eco-friendly processing methods to ensure that Mummy and Baby are supported and protected by a premium-grade maternity pillow. 

Our Values

We are tenderly devoted to ensuring an expectant mother’s comfort, relief and security during pregnancy. Our compassionate principles are reflected in our values, through which we affectionately protect our customers’ interests:

Compact comfort 

We only use premium quality materials that are soft but provide the firm support desperately needed by pregnant women for undisturbed and peaceful sleep. We’ve also creatively designed our pregnancy pillow to reduce bulk, prevent overheating and save space.

Versatility, value and durability

Our maternity pillows are not only for a restful bedtime, they’re also impressively versatile and perfectly suitable as a helpful feeding pillow or a relieving back support for long drives or air travel. Durable construction also ensures maximum comfort to mums long after your baby arrives. 


Bellybean won’t take over your bed, and allows space for couples to continue sleeping in the same room so they can enjoy restful nights together while they delight in their exciting pregnancy journey.

Empathy and compassion

Our pillow is lovingly created and thoughtfully designed from heartfelt and personal experience. Who would know your needs and desires better than one who had travelled the same road before you?

Organic and non-toxic

Certified organic cotton covers coloured with dyes naturally free from toxic substances and contaminants ensure the safety of both mother and baby. Nothing but the gentle softness of hypoallergenic materials. 

Eco and people-friendly production 

Our commitment to ethical manufacturing ensures our carbon footprint is minimal. Organic farming methods mean that workers who harvested the cotton were never exposed to harmful pesticides and received a fair wage for their labour.