Bellybean - Features

Alleviate aches and pains, and return to restfulness and rejuvenation

  • relieves the strain of downward drag from your belly when side-sleeping, alleviating associated aches and pains
  • seamlessly contours to a pregnant woman’s body, snugly supports both back and belly
  • stabilises hip and pelvic alignment
  • eases discomfort and restores peaceful rest by safely and securely supporting your beautifully growing belly
  • restores your sanctuary of peacefulness

Your comforting and cosy safeguard against sleep disturbance

  • distinctive, double-sided infinity shape stays in place and doesn’t require repositioning when rolling over in your sleep
  • removes the need for multiple conventional pillows or large body pillows which create an uncomfortably bulky sleep environment
  • compact, discreet maternity pillow design eliminates overheating, encouraging peaceful and undisturbed rest
  • minimises disruption to your sleep, so you can say goodnight to fatigue and frustration, and reclaim the joy and wonder of your pregnancy experience

A reassuring, secure and supportive caress for your beautifully growing belly

  • securely supports side-sleeping which improves circulation to the placenta, improving nutrient flow to your little baby bean as it develops
  • thoughtful, function design provides a serenely soft yet protectively stable support
  • reduces the chance of rolling onto your back or putting too much pressure onto your precious tummy throughout the night
  • rich, premium comfort, securely cradling you in the healthiest position for both mother and growing baby

Incomparably valuable and versatile - for pregnancy, breastfeeding and more

  • lovingly created for pregnant women with thoughtful design by another (formerly) pregnant, sleep-deprived, aching woman
  • embodies compassion, empathy and supreme versatility, with multiple uses throughout your pregnancy and beyond
  • comforting back and belly support for side sleeping
  • relieving and restful knee and belly support when hugging the pillow to your body lengthwise
  • doubles as a cosy feeding pillow, alleviating strain on your arms and shoulders by assisting with safely supporting your baby’s weight
  • light, compact design affords you the luxurious freedom of comfortable travel - pack it in your suitcase for holidays or use it as a convenient back support for long journeys

Allows partners to sleep peacefully by your side

  • compact yet intensely functional shape eliminates the need for multiple or large pillows
  • leaves ample moving space in your bed minimising disruption to your sleeping partner
  • allows your partner to move back in after being pushed out of the bed and onto the couch
  • supports you in enjoying this peaceful and magical time together, encouraging you to restfully experience the journey of pregnancy

Deliciously soft and snuggly, crafted from ethically sourced and hypoallergenic materials

  • a delicate touch of supportive and restful comfort for your growing belly 
  • deliciously soft yet stable maternity pillow 
  • distinctively Australian made and owned
  • features two round cushion inserts constructed from premium quality hypoallergenic polyester filling, ensuring no hardness or lumpiness
  • encased within a beautifully soft, cosy cover of 100% interlocked, organic and ethically produced cotton
  • covers are dyed with your ultimate safety in mind, with low impact azo-free dyes
  • protects you and your baby from allergens and carcinogens
  • no bulky joins, just an intensely rich, delightfully soft material that will safely enhance your sense of relaxation and comfort

Desirably easy and simple product care

  • carefree and straightforward laundering 
  • hand-washing is always preferable, yet the cover can be easily removed and machine washed in cool water
  • cushions can also be thrown into the washing machine for efficient cleaning
  • line drying is required as cotton likes to shrink in the dryer, but that’s about as fussy as it gets! 

Beautiful colour selections, tastefully blending with any décor

  • four gorgeous colours to choose from – Green Tea, Dusky Pink, Natural and Latte
  • serenely appealing addition to any bedroom