Letter to mums-to-be

Dear gorgeous Mum-to-be,

You’re embarking on a courageous and wonderful adventure. A beautiful miracle is growing inside of you, supported and nourished by your nurturing strength of spirit and amazingly capable body.

You want to take pleasure in every delightful moment, embrace every incredible change, and enjoy each precious minute that brings you closer to the arrival of your beautiful baby.

Feeling fiercely and lovingly protective of this little one already, you go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their well-being and safety. Absorbing, filtering, deciphering and enacting mountains’ worth of information, advice and preparation.

Yet with this comes strain, stress and pain to your amazing, overworked body, and you struggle relentlessly to find a balance between your physical and emotional comfort, a vital necessity, and your growing child’s welfare.

We’ve been there. We know the thoughts, feelings, worries, pressures, aches and pains that seem to swirl seamlessly with the joy, wonder, delight, happiness and anticipation of this unique journey. Most of all, we understand the desperate need for a good night’s sleep, free of disruption and discomfort.

Struggle no more, beautiful Mum-to-be. Let us help you return to restfulness and rejuvenation, so you can pour your heartfelt energy into the joy and wonder of pregnancy (and perhaps enjoy those sleep-filled nights while you can, before baby arrives and shakes things up)!

We understand that sleeping recommendations for expectant mothers, especially side-sleeping from the second trimester onwards, create new challenges which impact on sleep quality. That’s why we thoughtfully and lovingly designed our adaptably compact yet supremely supportive Bellybean maternity pillow. It’s one (formerly) pregnant woman’s beautiful, practical gift to all mums-to-be.

Alleviate aches and pains with this comforting and cosy safeguard against sleep disturbance, which offers incomparable versatility and provides a delightful, safe and supportive caress for your growing belly. Deliciously soft and snuggly, crafted in Australia from ethically sourced, organic and hypoallergenic materials, you will sleep restfully and peacefully knowing your baby is cradled in the safest position.

Since its initial release in 2007, our pregnancy pillow has been growing and improving in exciting ways, all for the exclusive benefit of mums-to-be. With our Bellybean by your side, you can conquer those sleepless nights and fatiguing aches, and reclaim the joy and excitement of your wonderful pregnancy journey.

Sincerely and compassionately,

The Bellybean Team