For Partners

Does this look familiar?

  • Is your partner pregnant?
  • Is your bed full of pillows?
  • Have you been relegated to the couch?
  • Is your partner complaining of back or hip pain?
  • Is your partner wrestling with pillows in bed?
  • Is she refusing to spend money on herself?

Your partner needs a Bellybean Maternity Pillow:

  • Supports her growing belly
  • Provides back and hip support
  • Is double sided so she can roll over with ease
  • Won’t make her overheat
  • Reduces partner disturbance
  • Is small enough for you to jump back into bed
  • Is beautifully comfortable
  • Can be used in different positions
  • Makes an excellent feeding pillow
  • Made in Australia with Organic Cotton covers
  • Is fully washable
  • Comes in four gorgeous colours