What is a Maternity Pillow anyway?

Maternity Pillows haven’t been around for all that long actually.

When I was pregnant as recently as 2005 I had never seen one in the shops. Now you can buy all sorts of things that try and help with the difficulty of getting comfy whilst sleeping (or trying to) during pregnancy.

Soon after designing our uniquely double sided Bellybean pillow we discovered there was a pregnancy pillow many women were using, commonly known as a body pillow. This is a bulky sausage shaped pillow that you hug down the front of your body. In my travels promoting the Bellybean Maternity Pillow I have heard literally thousands of complaints about this pillow. Firstly that it is too bulky and usually falls out of the bed. Secondly it makes you over heat due to its size and nylon fabric covering. It is also incredibly difficult to roll over with. Imagine a sumo wrestler move under a doona and you’ve kind of got it! Sadly it doesn’t offer you any back support either.

Then there’s the boomerang pillow which is great for leaning against while you read your pregnancy mag, and which if you squelch up the stuffing you can sort of make it fit into the spaces that you need supporting. It needs a lot of readjusting and also difficult to roll over with.

There are wedges that are single sided and move away from you when you roll over and are often made of hard foam.

There are now HUGE pillows that literally wrap right round you. Once you are fully encased in polyester you can expect a sweaty night’s sleep far away from your partner who is now probably on the couch. Women have complained to me that they get hot, claustrophobic and tangled up in these boa-constrictor style pregnancy nightmares.

Lots of women also use what is commonly known as the ‘pillow fort’. Literally a fort of at least four pillows completely surrounding you. One in front, one behind, one between your legs and one to snuggle not to mention one to put your weary head on. It is an all-night battle to keep the fort in position. No sooner have you got it set, than you need to get up and go to the bathroom.

Bellybean maternity pillows are a huge help for getting support and comfort whilst you get on with the business of growing your baby and getting your beauty sleep.

Happy Sleeping!