Do I need a Pregnancy Pillow when I’m pregnant?

After the initial excitement about becoming a mummy you will soon begin to enjoy the changes to your body. While growing a lovely bump is an exciting and delightful experience it also comes with unexpected challenges. Firstly the ligaments in your body begin to become more elastic. This is due to a special hormone that is known, funnily enough as Relaxin. This is to make it easier for your body to accommodate your baby and also to help your pelvis expand during birthing. But enough of the techno stuff and back to getting comfortable. As your ligaments start to relax you will find that you need support where you didn’t before; like behind your back for example, between your knees and under your belly. This all helps keep the pelvis in alignment during pregnancy. Our wonderful pregnancy pillow Bellybean can do all those things and more. Its unique double sided design supports the growing belly and supports your back at the same time. ‘Genius’ I hear you say! Thanks, I invented it when I was pregnant..but that’s another story.

Happy Sleeping!