Breast Feeding-Taking care of yourself

Breast feeding is one of the most rewarding parts of parenting- when it goes right. But for many women, myself included it can be a very difficult and challenging time.

My journey began the day my son was born over fourteen years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

I think having an epidural may have contributed to some of my difficulty as my beautiful newborn was very drowsy and less responsive to feeding than he might otherwise have been. My anxiety also slowed the onset of milk production. But one off the main difficulties I had was finding a comfortable position to feed him. After we came out of hospital and many different pieces of breastfeeding advice later, it was my partner who was able to assist. He had been quietly taking in all the advice we had been given about latching and holding and positioning etc. He gently told me to sit up straight in a normal dining chair, placed a single pillow across my lap, got me to relax my shoulders and place my babies head in the place where maximum latching could occur. And although it wasn't perfect it was so much better than the other times I had struggled to get a good connection for feeding.

So my top tips for feeding are

Sit quite straight in a supportive chair

Use a pillow to raise your baby to your breast height

Relax your shoulders

Try not to look down at your baby for the duration of feeding as this will cause neck and shoulder issues later

Make sure you've been drinking plenty of herbal tea or water

Make sure the baby's mouth latches right over the whole areola

Get support from a professional if you continue to find it difficult