BellyBean Features And Specifications

Contoured to a pregnant woman’s form, the Bellybean Maternity Pillow is a double-sided, dumbbell-shaped pregnancy pillow:

  • Two soft, rounded cushion inserts at both ends, made of hypoallergenic polyester filling.
  • Cushions measure 35 cm (13.8 inches) in diameter.
  • Inserts made from the best quality polyester filling—does not go hard or lumpy.
  • Pillow cover made of 100% interlocked organic cotton. (Cotton interlock is an extremely soft, very warm fabric knit with a little “give” and a flat surface.) 
  • Length of pregnancy pillow is 80 cm (31.5 inches) from end to end.
  • Maternity pillow cover easily removed for washing in cool machine wash.
  • DO NOT tumble dry—cotton likes to shrink.
  • Colors made from low impact azo-free dyes. (Azo-dyes are non-biodegradable, toxic, nitrogen-based compounds banned in the EU for its carcinogenic, mutagenic and allergenic properties.)

Available Colours

We Are Proud to Announce: 
The Bellybean Maternity Pillow covers are made in Australia from organic cotton.

Our organic cotton provider, Certton, is Australia’s leading supplier in eco-friendly organic clothing and fabrics. Using organic cotton on Bellybean Maternity Pillow means:

  • Your skin is not exposed to harsh irritants and carcinogenic or allergenic materials—our cotton covers are pesticide-free and grown only with natural fertilisers and reduced water inputs.
  • You’re only using eco-friendly material with Bellybean Maternity Pillows—organic growing has a lower carbon footprint, consumes less fossil fuel, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and is non-GMO.
  • You’re promoting humane working conditions—the workers who produced the organic cotton used on our pillow covers were not exposed to toxic materials and they received a fair wage for their work.
  • You’re safe from allergies and irritants—only conventional cotton retains harmful toxic residues, organic cotton does not.

With the Bellybean Maternity Pillow, you not only enjoy a comfortable snooze, you’re also safe and secure. No allergies or carcinogens. No exposure to toxic chemicals. No unfair labour practices. Only the gentlest, softest, cosiest maternity pillow for a good night’s sleep.

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